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5 Cooking Techniques All Millennials Should Know

“Using cookware that responds quickly to heat makes cooking easier and food taste better — because it’s cooked properly,” said Jenna Edwards, cooking companion and health coach. “When using stainless steel, most people use too much heat, which burns the food. Never use more than medium heat on stainless steel cookware, unless you’re boiling.”


10 Tips for Meal Planning and Cooking in Small Batches

"When cooking basics, double or even triple a recipe to freeze servings for using later. Freeze in cup or half-cup servings...For desserts, you can’t exactly mix together small batches of cakes or cookies. You can, however, bake small batches and freeze the rest of the batter"


Real French Food: How to Rival Professional French Chefs With Basic Home Ingredients

Ripert. Boulud. Jean-Georges. Bourdain. New Yorkers most commonly associate French food with the haute cuisine of Michelin-starred chefs in their white linen establishments meant for skyscraper expense accounts. Fancy meats flanked with fancy sides, fancy in name because of the exotic source. Or French-wannabe diners dunking steak in a cream-ladened sauce, building on the assumption that French food is too expensive or too heavy for everyday enjoyment.