The Virtual Cookbook Club FAQs

How much is it to join?

It's always free! 

how is that possible? Why is this free? what's up your sleeve?

I receive revenue from the ads on the videos posted to YouTube. Video likes & comments also help the revenue I receive from YouTube. Also, if you purchase items through any Amazon links I provide, a charity for children with cancer benefits (The For a Day Foundation). 

When does it start? How long does it last? 

The current cycle begins August 25th, 2015 & ends October 6th, 2015 - 6 weeks. We'll take a week break & begin the next cycle, which will also be announced on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, & here. Maybe an airplane banner, too. You can sign up even after the cycle begins. 

Is it always about vegetables? 

Yes. No matter your dietary preferences, we all need more vegetables in our lives. 

How "healthy" are we talking here? Will I enjoy this? 

Vegetables + herbs & spices + healthy fats = flavor & nutrient party! You'll feel fantastic, satisfied, & happy (a la happy food dance). Unless you are abstaining from all fats, these recipes can support any dietary regimen. I don't subscribe to any of them, really, so it's up to you to decide. Unless you're vegan or Paleo. If you're vegan & something uses dairy or eggs, I'll suggest an alternative. If you are Paleo, ::shrug:: I don't know what to tell ya. Frankly, we all know "diets" aren't for long-term & this approach eases you into an actual lifestyle that doesn't require buzz-killing food restrictions or buying monthly products to maintain a "status." Also, if eating vegetables & fresh herbs is new to you, give yourself time to adjust to the natural flavor of vegetables & pure ingredients. 

I'm not a good cook. In fact, I never cook. Should I be here? 

Yes! I am choosing easy recipes to keep it simple. I want you to enjoy more vegetables, so I'm working to reduce your overwhelm. Eventually, more advanced cycles will be created for seasoned cooks (ha - see what I did there?!) as separate experiences. 

Why do I have to buy the recipe book? 

I hope you'll like the recipes enough to find the entire book useful. The VCC is not intended to replace or circumvent the need for the actual book. I researched dozens of books & decided on the featured books because of their immense value and the volume of solid recipes. I am confident you will get a lifetime of use from the recommended cookbooks. 

what types of things will we be making? 

I'll try to keep the choices to foods you're most likely to come across, or those just outside the normal choice. I aim to extend your palate ever so slightly - just enough to educate your palate & entice your curiosity. Examples of potential recipes are: 

Leeks in Mustard Vinaigrette, Cool Rice & Cucumber Salad, Braised Escarole with Onion, Cold Tomato Soup, Green Goddess Dressing

do i have to do every recipe?

I have no way of controlling that, but I hope you participate fully (short of known allergies or life emergencies) & schedule (horror!) the time to try them all. 

what if I don't have time? 

You may need to take a hard look at life. No time for sustenance is a dangerous sign. Please find a way to prioritize yourself & your health. Also, none of the recipes (at the basic level) are time-consuming. Cooking once a week should be realistic for anyone. 

what happens if i fall behind on making a recipe? 

Other than my world falling apart [sarcasm], nothing! You can realistically do them whenever you want! I recommend doing each recipe together as a group because of the accountability & community aspects, but do whatever floats your boat, as long as you eat more vegetables

what happens after the cycle is over? 

I'll probably ask for feedback on the videos, recipes, & format. And I'll invite you to register for the next cycle of the club. If you don't re-register, you'll only hear from me about new cycles or special invites to my cooking video courses. 

who are  you?

I am a food-lover who wants people to share my utmost respect for food & the influence it has on our lives. I believe food affects everything. I've experiences years of dieting obligations & the subsequent disappointments. My life is too full to be tethered to a diet or diet products. So, I use my elite training as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach to examine & alleviate common hinderances to healthful food.

I'm not here to tell you why you should eat healthier; I'm showing you HOW

I've authored a video course, Cooking Essentials, focusing on the basic kitchen & cooking equipment needed for cooks of all levels, including how to stock a pantry. I call myself a cooking companion because I want to teach you how to be functional & comfortable in the kitchen, providing flavorful, healthful food - while enjoying the process. 

I also rescue cocker spaniels, smoke cigars, & watch ghost TV shows. I'm planning a wedding to a Frenchman & I founded/manage a charity for kids with cancer - The For a Day Foundation. I frequently allow Francois to cook for me & we spend time in his hometown in the South of France each summer. Born & raised in Mississippi, I'm a graduate of University of Miami & Institute for Integrative Nutrition. 

Email me at Jenna @ (remove spaces) for other questions - or tweet me! I'll probably respond faster to that.