Cooking Essentials: Equipment for Cooking (Novice level)

Cooking Essentials: Equipment for Cooking (Novice level)

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Student Testimonial: "I love your course so far. I wish I discovered it 22 years ago when I first got married! But it's never too late to improve yourself, I am very happy with your suggestions."

"Every item that Jenna recommended is one that I've been using often since I've watched the course"

My goal is for you to feel equipped to make savvy, resourceful choices with building your kitchen. That each time you cook, you think "I'm so glad I have this." 

1.5 hours of on-demand video: 

  1. this course will walk you through the best recommendations for which cookware equipment to invest in, so you spend your money wisely;

  2. then we get into what basic ingredients to keep stocked in your kitchen so you can always put together a flavorful, simple, nutritious meal without relying on a recipe every time you want to cook;

  3. and finally, we talk about what to do if you don't get around to using your fresh food or to eating your cooked food.

The course does not get into specific food preparation nor does it provide recipes or cooking techniques. It does, however, show HOW to use the recommended cookware.

The information in the course is based on equipment and ingredients typical to the US, however, I've tried to keep it basic enough that it can translate to any country/culture.


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